Greatness Around Home” – This is what K2 Advisory promote. We were established in 1990 offering a full-service showroom and design of everything that will turn your home into a place of greatness and beauty. Coddling to builders, remodelers, contractors and even to those individual households who just want a one-stop shop that will provide almost everything they would need.

The site continuously earns awards and commendations because of the following:  

  • K2 Advisory is not just a shop but also a guide to everyone who’s keen in prettifying homes but doesn’t have the ideas where to start or what to do next. The team provides tips, tricks and tutorials based on proper learning and of course, experiences. This is to ensure that your home will be the apple of your eyes without the hassle and much trouble doing it. From the planning, concept-making and up to the finishing touches – we will guide you.
  • K2 Advisory are a diverse team presenting varied topics and wide-selections of home stuffs to everyone. No matter who you are, what kind of home you want and how much you are willing to spend, rest assured that you’ll get something. And one more thing, we caters not just wide array of choices but also of unique and high-quality selections of the following:

Kitchen countertops, sinks and cabinets

Living Room furniture

Interior Designs and Accessories

Metal sidings and Roofing

Landscaping and Gardening Stuff

Room Accents

Construction supplies

Bath essentials


Home Entertainment

Home Offices

Storages and many more…

  • K2 Advisory work hand-in-hand with the clients. Whether you are working on your new home or just remodeling your existing place, our entire team of designers and builders will guide you with the entire journey. Rest assured that you are our only ‘boss’. We listen to all your needs; from the design, colors, sizes and function up to the cost and durability of things we will need. We will shower you with choices that fit your preferences hence; you’ll feel like you’re still the one maneuvering the whole process without feeling any hassle on your shoulders – just the fun and overwhelming experience, over-all. We are always what you want to fulfill and we’ll do our best to make it to reality.

If you have any questions, suggestions and for any concerns, call us now! Or you may set an appointment to sit down with our designers and builders and get free consultation plus no-money-needed estimated today! What are you waiting for? We’re already waiting for you!

There are so many different ways that you could save money everyday. Why invest what you conserve?

How to begin saving cash now ...

1. Usage vouchers as usually as you can. When you discover ways to find and utilize coupons you will see how much you could save money on items that you usually acquire. Start by checking your Sunday paper for voucher inserts and flyers. Find even much more coupons by searching online for coupons. 2. Discover the fine art of frugal-living. You could save a lot money just discovering to be thrifty. 3. Lesser your electrical bill as long as you perhaps can. Do this by reducing your electricity consumption. Unplug points that aren't being used. Turn the illumination off when you leave the area. Doing little things like that could conserve you a lot of cash on your electric costs. Insulating your home can also. It will not just lower your energy expense, however it will likewise decrease your heating costs. You will conserve a heap on nourish or propane. The even more shielded your house is the much less it will certainly cost to heat. If your house is breezy and your heating system is running and running it is adding your electric bill. You could make an application for the HEAP program to obtain help spending for heating expenses this winter. They might manage to help attach you with a person that can assist you with obtaining your residence winterized and power efficient. At Home, buy just what you NEED not what you DESIRE. Put it back on the shelf and conserve yourself the money you would certainly have invested on it. Usage that cash that you conserved to buy something you really require. If you are investing way as well a lot on automobile repairs or on gas then perhaps it's time that you took into consideration trading in or offering your current automobile for something that will certainly cost you much less cash. To save even more money on gas usage discount and benefit cards from taking part gas terminals and grocery store stores. One more gas conserving idea is to run all your duties when you are in town.
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