The goal of shared services is to provide high quality, mission-critical, but non-core services to the organisation at lower cost and more efficiently than the organisation has previously provided for itself.

In the current economic climate, organizations are focused on running their business as efficiently as possible, and are looking to:

  • Reduce process costs by optimizing the efficiency of business processes
  • Leverage common processes across different business units
  • Reduce overheads by taking out people and facility costs where possible
  • Avoid unnecessary capital expenditure.

Hence, organisations across industry sectors are considering, or have already turned to, shared services as a means of meeting these objectives, by consolidating non-core, back-office processes such as finance & accounting (F&A) human resources (HR) and Information Services (IS) into shared services centres (SSCs).

In this study K2 Advisory will be researching tactics and strategies to form the basis for planning the best CIO approach to delivering shared services across these three professional areas and when it makes sense to outsource.


  • Shared Services Vendor Insight Programme (comparison of different vendor capabilities with profiles)
  • Shared Services Vendor Recommendations for the UK market
  • Market Trends – market development horizon scanning
  • The CIO Brief on shared services
  • UK Public Sector Lens
  • Professional Lenses (for CFOs and HROs)
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