I remember early on in my home renovation career I needed to work on such a strict budget. The best way to do that was to clean up the property rather than do major repairs or large remodel. This might mean that sometimes you don't quite get the max rent or sell for top dollar. If your budget is skinny then you need to cut corners.

Give you house a bath

I recommend that you wash the exterior of the house with a hose. Then you will want to clean the window. This is so important to have a clean look even if you don't have fresh paint and new carpet. Some people can see through old paint and no carpet but they can not imagine your home being theirs if it is not clean.

Clean the Concrete and tidy up the landscape

Next you will want to clean the grounds, concrete and driveway. There are a lot of products on the market that I have found for cleaning oil and grease off concrete but the best one was found at HTPROF-CLEANTECH.COM. The site promotes a few concrete cleaner and asphalt cleaner products.  The product line is Terminator HSD Concrete Cleaner. The HSD stands for Hydro-Carbon Solis De-grader. There is no water needed for this type of cleaner but it doesn't remove the stain right away. It could take 7 to 30 days to completely remove the oil stains from concrete. This video shows how to remove oil and grease from concrete with out harsh chemicals. It wont kill the grass of the plants around your driveway or concrete.

Exterior work over interior work, what to do first?

If your budget does allow, it can be cheaper to redo the landscape and paint the driveway. Not that painting the house does not work. It works well if the paint is bad and needs it. Just don't over look the driveway, concrete and landscape. Most of the time a concrete cleaners are made of acid so it will kill plants. If you do decide to remove those oil stains with a acid concrete cleaner be careful.  
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