081014134547142210It's feasible your grout hasn't already completely treated yet which is unusual, however not totally unheard of as there are several factors that could impact curing time. I suggest providing it a couple of even more days to view if the curing process completes. Sanded grout is usually utilized when installing floor tile, and till it's closed sand might continue to come off. My tip would certainly be to go on with sealing the grout based on the sealant maker's routine referral. I have a feeling that every little thing ought to exercise all right with a couple of even more days to treat and afterwards doing the securing. For your DIY Home repair, If the grout proceeds to be a problem even after including the sealer, then I'm worried your only choice is to remove it completely and begin over. Making use of a dremel with a carbide grout little bit could be the finest technique, but make certain you wear eye protection as flying pieces of cement or sand can induce significant damages. All of the aged cement should be gotten rid of to provide your brand-new grout the best chance of sticking properly and including to the architectural integrity of the floor.

What to do with aged grout?

If you have to take out the aged cement, it may be an excellent concept to speak with a floor tile specialist or distributor to learn exactly what might have gone wrong with the first batch. If you mixed it appropriately, there might have been a trouble with the grout itself which could entitle you to some cost-free cement or at the very least a discount rate on the brand-new bags.
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