Can you hear some sort of hissing sound close to your AC unit? Have you noticed that your power bills, have been increasing? Or perhaps that the AC unit gets too hot? There are various causes, for low refrigerant; however, a leak is easily the most common. For your air conditioning to work and be efficient, you have to make sure that, there is a sufficient amount of refrigerant all the time. In the course of its installment, it had been charged with a specific quantity of refrigerant, and this quantity really should theoretically remain exactly the same for the overall existence. Regrettably, nevertheless, this really is merely a theoretical ideal, and actually, you will discover issues that come up resulted in inadequacy, inadequate overall performance, and AC unit deterioration. Call Arctic HVAC right now for AC repair or even service in Las Vegas.

There are a couple of significant reasons of refrigerant leakages, and they will each negatively impact your AC’s functionality.


  • Puncture: Your coils tend to be susceptible to actual physical destruction, as with every other component within the AC unit. While they're made from aluminum or copper, they're nonetheless, able to be punctured if the possibility comes up. Your outside system, containing the condenser coil, is especially susceptible, to destruction coming from free-floating junk, as well as erosion brought on by sand along with other debris.  Causing you to need air conditioning repair
  • Corrosion: The chemical kind of reaction can happen involving copper pipes, plus the encompassing surroundings, based on the moisture amounts, and off-gassing connected with additional chemical compounds. What ever the reason why, regarding decay, it will critically impact your AC’s capability, to make your house comfortable and cool.

Reduce the amount of AC repair by doing yearly maintenance

  [caption id="attachment_376" align="alignright" width="150"]leaking-air conditioner-condenser-coil-off-las-vegas-condo AC repair for leaking air conditioning unit[/caption] The easiest method to reduce the danger, this sort of refrigerant issues create to your house, is to locate refrigerant leakages well before, they result in any kind of significant destruction of other areas of the AC unit. Our very best help and advice is usually to schedule routine servicing, to ensure that a tech is able to keep a watchful eye on your AC unit. At Arctic HVAC, we know exactly how crucial, your AC unit is to you, and that's why we provide exceptional AC repair and services through the entire Las Vegas area, in the event your Air conditioning has a refrigerant leak. Give us a call right now.   [caption id="attachment_361" align="alignright" width="150"]air-handeler AC repair las vegas AC repair[/caption] Getting your air conditioner serviced every year, will help reduce the air conditioning repairs, and repairing the small problems with your air conditioning system right away, can keep you from needing more expensive AC repairs later.  

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